Margaret and Elaine: The Faces Behind Greensboro’s Maggie Lane

Marlee Middlebrooks

Maggie Lane is a boutique offering clothing and accessories to the women of Greene County, Georgia, specifically Downtown Greensboro. But the clothing store is known for its outstanding customer service.

Margaret Merchant, manager, and Elaine Vickery, assistant manager, connect with nearly every woman that walks through the front doors. Merchant is originally from Waycross, Georgia, while Vickery is from Commerce, Georgia.

“Customer service is paramount at Maggie Lane because we like to have our customers know that whenever they need something, they can think of us,” said Merchant. “In an effort to build a relationship with the customer and to earn their trust, Elaine [Vickery] and I both focus on remembering who the customer is and remembering details about their life that they tell us through their shopping experience here at Maggie Lane.”

Maggie Lane has two locations, one in Eatonton, Georgia, and one in Greensboro, Georgia. Merchant and Vickery are the only two full-time employees at the Greensboro location; therefore, they get to know the customers well. The store is open Monday through Saturday, and the women see many of the same customers.

“Getting to know all of your customers and getting to know something personal about them gives you a better base as to what you need to do to help them when they come in,” said Vickery. “You know what their selections would be, and they have confidence in you.”

Merchant and Vickery believe that in their time working at Maggie Lane, they have created bonds with the residents and shoppers of Greene County. The feeling is mutual. Kita Battle-Bryant, a domestic engineer, from Greensboro, Georgia, said that she “comes in all the time to check on the young ladies.”

Another frequent Maggie Lane shopper is Bettye Scott who is an employee at Greene County High School. Scott said, “I’m here every day…every weekend it looks like. Ms. Margaret [Merchant] is awesome. She makes the store, and without her there, it would be impossible.”

Merchant and Vickery work well together to complete everything that it takes to manage the boutique. Which includes exemplary customer service to finishing behind the scenes tasks. Such as tagging and steaming clothes, arranging merchandise and creating displays.

They have built a comrade with one another and with their clientele that is important to maintain and uphold. Merchant said the two of them have so much fun with one another and with their customers.

“The women in Greensboro—they depend on us. We’ve got them through a lot of experiences,” said Vickery. “I just enjoy coming to work because I know it’s going to be a good experience—the day is going to be a good day. I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.”

Marlee Middlebrooks is a senior majoring in journalism in the Grady College Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.



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