Nathan Deal Prepares Georgians for Heating Bill Surprises


Athens, GA –  At a press conference today, a representative from Gov. Nathan Deal’s team reinforced the Governor’s commitment to avoid price-gauging on propane heating fuel.

The Governor reinforced his stance as cold weather takes over Georgia and increases the demand for propane and the price of energy bills.  To help bring down the cost, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal coordinated with Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black to sign an executive order that prohibits propane price-gauging.

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In a press release on January 27, 2014, Gov. Deal said, “Our families, farmers and small business are worried about getting the heat they need during times of frigid weather.  They shouldn’t have to worry about price-gauging, and we aim to prevent that.”

According to the Georgia Public Service Commission, the variable bill rate per month in Georgia averaged at $146.72 for the average home.  Gov. Nathan Deal’s order aims to not diverge heavily from this price during the winter storm this week.

While the demand for propane influences the price of our energy bills, so does the supply.  To address supply, Gov. Deal has ordered mitigation of factors that may be restricting propane transport throughout the state.  However if the severe weather continues to persist, Deal plans to make the appropriate changes.

If you believe you are a victim of gas price-gauging that occurred on, or after Jan 27, 2014, you can submit an official complaint to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection.  Please note your complaint will be subject to review, as natural fluctuations in supply and demand don’t always indicate price-gauging.

 Geetha Parachuru, reporting.