Petition Process Allows Students to Get Diploma Without Passing Graduation Tests

By Jordynn Abernathy

Madison County school officials want to get the word out about a law that could help unemployed teens get jobs. The Georgia House Bill 91 eliminates high school graduation tests as a requirement to graduate. In the past, students who passed their classes and failed the graduation test were not given a diploma. The new law, effective in March of 2015, allows students to petition for a diploma, and it has the potential to make a difference in students preparing to graduate.

Here are a few details of the waiver:

  • Includes all subjects, forms and versions of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies), Georgia High School Writing Test, and Basic Skills Tests (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing).
  • This law covers tests administered for the first time in grade 9 on or after July 1, 1981.
  • Students who received a special education diploma or certificate due to not passing one or more sections of the graduation tests may also petition for a diploma.

This waiver is still active for individuals who were enrolled in public school and did not receive a high school diploma. All other Georgia graduation requirements need to be met, and a petition has to be submitted in order to determine their eligibility to receive the diploma. There is no deadline to the petition.

For more information on qualifications for a diploma, please speak with officials at your local high school.


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