Redcoat Band Member, Now Cancer-Free, Returns to UGA

The words “cancer-free” are now music to the ears of one UGA redcoat band member and his fellow bandmates.

Jaron Lehman, a sophomore who plays the mellophone, was diagnosed with stage-two testicular cancer last June. His cancer went into remission this past November.

He says his participation in the band was a positive distraction on his road to remission.

“My participation in the redcoat band is really what got me through it,” says Lehman, “it gave me this outlet where I didn’t have to think about cancer…I wouldn’t really know where to be without it right now.”

The redcoat band quickly rallied around Lehman, wearing ‘Team Jaron’ bracelets, and offering words of encouragement during his difficult journey. Lehman believes the most important part about the movement is helping others dealing with similar struggles.

“It should be an encouraging message like ‘you can get through this,’ because there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” says Lehman.

The Redcoat Band Assistant Director Brett Bawcum admires Lehman, He says he’s shown strength and courage throughout his time with cancer.

“The guy never blinked… he came to the field and he never asked for any special treatment… frankly he got here and he got to work,” says Bawcum, “I was just totally impressed by the maturity he handled it with, so in that respect he is absolutely very special.”

Lehman is back to enjoying his college career without the worry of cancer.

“My life is wholly back to normal,” says Lehman “I’m not sure I would call myself a cancer advocate per say but I definitely have a deeper understanding of what it can do to people.”

Lehman still goes in for monthly blood work but is back to practicing regularly and preparing for another season with the redcoat band.

By: Cassie Daigle


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  • Sheldon Lehman

    Oh, and ‘returns’ is mid-leading. He never left. He maintained full-time class attendance (except for chemo days of course), making Dean’s list, as well as Redcoat Band.

  • Sheldon Lehman

    Thank you so much for continuing to follow Jaron’s story!

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