Retired Military Officer Gives Back to his Community in More Way Than One

Patrick Beri never suspected he would end up in jail after retirement. Although he’s not there because he committed a crime. He’s there because that is his job.

Corporal Beri is from Elberton, Georgia and spent 25 years in the military. He retired when he decided to spend more time with his wife, Angela, and his kids. He was at church one morning with his family, talking with one of the members about how he was bored. That member worked at the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and told him to get in contact with him about getting a job. He’s been there ever since.

Not only does Beri have a full-time job at work but he also has a full-time job at home. He and his wife Angela currently have thirteen kids, but that is subject to change at any time.

Patrick and Angela have kids of their own but also have foster kids. They’ve taken care of handicap children and children in witness protection for over a decade. They stopped fostering children for a year, but Beri said the home felt empty and his wife missed having a full house.

Beri said he was on board to do whatever made his wife happy because she helped him through the roughest time of his life when he was battling an alcohol addiction. He credits winning that battle to his wife and God.

He’s worked at the Madison County Sheriff’s Department for two and a half years. He describes the booking process for Grady Newsource reporter, Alyssa Purser.


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