Search Warrant Issued for Oconee County Murder Investigation

Sheriff Scott Berry announced that the vehicle used in the murder of Rendell Cunningham, has been returned to the Sheriff’s Office in Oconee County. A search warrant was issued on the vehicle for the investigation of the murder of Cunningham,
which happened in Oconee County late August. The search warrant will also be used for finding suspected evidence in the case that is pending in North Carolina.

Sheriff Scott Berry said that the man wanted for murder in Oconee County was captured almost 200 miles away in Gastonia, North Carolina. Jamar Harris faces murder charges in Georgia. In Gastonia he faces four charges of attempted first degree murder related to shooting at police officers.

Sheriff Scott Berry explains, “We are hoping to find key evidence in that car to make sure Harris remains behind bars.”

Sarah House, Oconee County crime scene technician, found blood that is believed to be Cunningham’s, bullets and shattered glass in the car.


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