SPECIAL REPORT: Banned Students Sue Georgia Board of Regents

By Dillon Richards

Update: The Board of Regents responded over email to our request for comment. You can find their responses here.

ATHENS, Ga. | A group of undocumented students is suing the Georgia Board of Regents over a policy that bans them from the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and three other schools. In Grady Newsource’s special report “Unwanted,” we investigate how this policy affects students in Georgia public schools.


Main Points:

  •  The state Supreme Court will hear oral arguments over a ban on undocumented students in Georgia colleges.
  • Students in Georgia illegally are banned from UGA, Georgia Tech, and three other schools.
  • They also don’t get in-state tuition.
  • The state says it’s expensive and unfair to subsidize the education of students in the country illegally.
  • Students say they’ve been in the country almost their whole lives, so they deserve in-state tuition.


States in blue grant in-state tuition to undocumented students; states in purple do not; states in red ban undocumented students from all public universities. Source: National Council of State Legislatures / Showeet.com




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