The Lead Special Episode: What the Hackathon, Featuring Adam Levin

Misinformation. Deepfakes. Scams. None of these are going away, and we need tools to figure out what’s true. This special episode of The Lead brings you into the What the Hackathon at the University of Georgia, where students learned in real-time how to navigate our disordered information ecosystem to produce and consume news responsibly.

It also features an interview with Adam Levin, a sponsor of the Hackathon and host of the What the Hack podcast, a no-shame zone for anyone who’s ever been scammed, hacked, phished or cyber-bushwhacked. Adam and I talk about how it’s more important than ever to combat misinformation as our democracy and society is impacted.

Listen to Adam on What the Hack here or any platform where you listen to podcasts.

Guest: Adam Levin, host of What the Hack.

Host: Jacqueline GaNun.


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