Gas prices are still high in Athens following a peak due to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The average cost of a gallon of gas in Athens is $2.70. During the week of September 5th, the average price was $2.69. The chart below has information specific to five gas stations around the Athens area. AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins says prices are expected to fall in the near future. Grady Newsource will continue to track gas prices in the area.

September 7, 2017:

Hurricane season is bringing more than just destruction to US cities: it’s driving up gas prices across the United States. In Athens alone, gas prices are up $0.35 since last week. Compared to the average price of gas last year, prices are up $0.55.

Current average prices for regular gasoline are hovering around $2.71 in the Athens area. The record high in Athens of $4.13 for regular gas was set in 2008.

Atlanta gas prices have risen at a similar rate since this time last year, up $0.58 per gallon on average.

We will continue to track gas prices in the area.





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