Weekend Recap: ‘Panama Papers,’ Amtrak, Georgia Legislation

Here’s what happened around the world and in your neighborhood over the weekend.


  1. Panama Papers A document leak uncovered by a group of reporters shows the hidden wealth of the some of world’s top leaders, politicians and celebrities. According to the report, a Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, helped its clients launder money and evade taxes. How Russian President Vladimir Putin may be involved
  2. Bark for Life Relay for Life held a special Bark for Life event Saturday to honor the life-long contributions of canine caregivers. Reporter Fernanda Perez details how canines can lead to cancer cures
  3. Amtrak An Amtrak train traveling from New York City to Savannah derailed near Philadelphia Sunday, killing two workers and injuring 30 more people. The latest on the investigation
  4. March Madness The Villanova basketball team beat Oklahoma by 44 points, a new record, and UNC-Chapel Hill beat Syracuse. What this means for the rest of the tournament 
  5. Religious Liberty Following Governor Deal’s veto of House Bill 757, religious organizers Sunday called for action. Why other Georgia bills may be affected


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