Woman Attacked at Athens Restaurant


Athens, Ga-

The 35-year-old woman that was brutally attacked on Tuesday night at an Athens’ restaurant, is recovering. Police are still looking for the suspect. The aggravated assault happened around 9:30 at La Fiesta on College Station Rd. The victim, who declined to go to the hospital, said that she didn’t know the man prior to the attack.

La Fiesta is a family-style restaurant and incidents like this don’t happen. Server, Thomas Jones who was one of the first employees on the scene said it was a slow and quiet Tuesday evening the victim and the suspect along with two other people were the only ones in the restaurant.

Thomas Jones says, “That’s not two guys that is a man and a woman, and that woman is losing to the nth degree. I start banging on the window, I’m hollering at the bartender, the guys at the bar that they were originally with are like ‘oh let them be, they’re fine’ I was like it’s far from fine, it’s not fine.”  The Athens woman walked into the restaurant about 20 minutes before she was assaulted on the patio. The manager got the male outside and the victim was taken into the restroom where the female employees went to make sure she was okay.

The owner of La Fiesta, Hassan Jammoul says, “I’ve been in business in the Athens area since 1982, we’ve never had anything bizarre like that we usually have a nice family atmosphere.”

Thomas Jones says he has never once seen any of the people part of the altercation in the restaurant before. The two were outside for about 35 seconds before the attack. The suspect is a thin, muscular black man about 6-foot with short hair and facial stubble. He drove off in a white Lincoln 4-door sedan.

Martha Kim


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