Among those quietly studying, sighs of frustration can be heard as students search for a single vacancy out of the 96 study rooms available in the Miller Learning Center.

The University of Georgia’s main library plans to lessen those sighs. After seeing success with the Collaboration Café that opened this past fall, the library decided to add group study rooms to the first floor’s south end by the fall semester of 2019.


The space highlighted indicates where the 29 new group study rooms will be within the main library next fall.

Toby Graham, associate provost and a university librarian, said this is one of the new projects the main library is focusing on.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the learning environment that we provide for students,” he said.

The renovations for the 29 new group study rooms will take place after graduation this May, when there are less students on campus and demand for the space.

Right now, students can look at the proposed layout and provide feedback, on the south end of the first floor, to express how they think the new space should operate.

“We just encourage students to come and share their thoughts with us,” Graham said.

Veronica Ogbe is a senior majoring in journalism.



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