The CrossFit Controversy

A high intensity workout is popular here in Athens.  But it’s linked to health issues that may result in tissue breakdown or even kidney failure.  Some experts say CrossFit may be crossing the line.  But local physical therapy experts at UGA think the whole scare is a bit over exaggerated.

It’s intense, it’s sweaty and it’s impactful.  A CrossFitter may do weight lifting one day, gymnastic moves the next or even a set of aerobic activities.  The workouts are short, yet high-intensity.  Some say too high intensity and too dangerous.

Andy Smith says, “Yeah, I think the whole controversy is that CrossFit is very popular right now, so it’s easy to kind of pick on.  I don’t think there is really a controversy, this stuff can happen in any form of exercise routine.”  Andy Smith is the manager at the UGA’s physical therapy program.

The experts at UGA agree that the numbers don’t lie and the CrossFit injuries are real.  But the injuries are more a matter of individuals pushing their limits with poor technique or too much weight.  To prevent trips to the ER, CrossFit Oconee is staffed to reduce CrossFit related injuries.

Peyton Owens says, “We care more about the safety of the individual that walk in here meeting their personal goals and technique, technique, technique, technique.”  Peyton Owens is the is the head trainer at Crossfit Oconee.

So gyms across the nation, similar to Crossfit Oconee, that are looking to avoid injuries, do individual assessments.  This involves assessing an individual’s size before determining how much weight they should be using in their workouts.

“It’s for everyone, we have people from age 70 down to my three-year- old daughter, comes in here and CrossFits.  Everybody can do it.  Will you be doing the same time and weights as other people? No.  But you have to start somewhere, you start low and we build you up,” says Owens.

And sometimes it’s better to let go of the weight, than let the weight take over you.






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