The Lead: Kendall Trammell on the Demands of Mobile News

Hello world, Charlotte Norsworthy here. I am so excited to be back this semester as the Season 7 host of The Lead podcast. It seems as though Grady College can’t get rid of me.

I graduated with my bachelor’s in journalism and political science in May, and this summer, my brain was deep in the realm of this podcast. I co-edited a book on news leadership with Keith Herndon, sourcing 100 percent of the content from this podcast. The book features excerpts of some of our greatest interviews as we dove into themes of leadership, ethics, innovation and career advice. It was a true labor of love, and I am so excited to see Kendall Hunt publish this resource in the coming months. More on this to come!

I’m back this fall as I begin my master’s degree in journalism. As I neared the end of my undergraduate career, I felt as though I still had more to learn. So, here we are.

Having to go back through the history of this podcast, six seasons, really reinstated why I enjoy this medium in particular. The intimacy of these conversations bring a level of community to the field that is sometimes lacking. Candid conversations on journalism and communication media allow the listeners to connect and engage with problems we are all facing.

That being said, I was also able to utilize my summer to chat with some really interesting journalists, the first of which is Kendall Trammell. She graduated from the Grady College only a few years ago, and she now works on CNN’s mobile news programming team. You may have seen her name on this site or on other Grady endeavors — she loves her school and has a real joy in giving back to the institution that helped shape her.

In the interview, we discussed her transition to the work force and how she has seen mobile newsgathering and storytelling progress for the better.

Give it a listen:


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