Here’s what is going on in Northeast Georgia Tuesday

1. Human Trafficking. Two men remain in jail, accused*** human trafficking. Reporter Joe Ali is looking into the investigation.

2. Bombs in Belgium. Three explosions in Brussels, Belgium exploded this morning. At least 34 are dead and 170 injured. Reporter Claudia Kelly-Bazan brings you local expert opinions on these terrorist attacks. 

3. Biker-Walker Safety. Athens Clarke County streets m. These changes would be an effort to increase safety for bikers. Reporter Ryan Sander looks into the initiative to bring more details on this matter.

4. Bee Extinction? Despite pollen in the air, 30% of the bee population has disappeared in the last half decade. Bees are responsible for an estimated 80% of food crops in the United States. Reporter Danielle Lewan investigates what’s happening to the bees, and what will happen to our crops.

5. Urban Culture. Some participants of the Athens Hip Hop awards claim their local culture is overshadowed by the University of Georgia. Reporter Niamoni Watson talks to these artists and owners to find out how they manage this cultural difference. 

Stay tuned for updates on these stories and more.


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