UGA Chapter of NAACP Holds Meeting About Alleged Bar Discrimination

Athens, GA – A group of minority students are complaining about being denied entry into some local bars. Some transgender and students of color don’t feel they have the ability to go inside every bar. Pictures of the signs stating private business rights outside some bars have circulated on social media. Now the UGA chapter of NAACP is getting involved. The group invited a number of students to come together and share their stories today. “Students can share their experiences that they have had downtown and then also challenge students to think about why they continue to go downtown and support businesses after having negative experiences,” says UGA NAACP president Patrice Parkinson. The organization also want to encourage them to stand up for their rights. Parkinson claims “You can’t be mad if they continue to perpetuate if you’re going along with it.” On Thursday, Grady Newsource reporter Briana Belser will give you details on the outcome of this meeting. How business managers feel about this controversy. And what the NAACP plans on doing next.

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  • Barry Hollander

    Maybe ask the actual business owners before doing the story? The “private business rights” signs may have to do with Georgia’s carry law, a way for them to not allow guns inside, but you’re obligated journalistically to talk to the biz owners first.

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